Anima Mundi and Art

Sitting in a bedroom studio without external stimuli I had once conceived of a name for a project and track title.  I conducted some minimal research and discovered that neither had existed previously online in relation to music.  Yet a few weeks later a major artist announced the release of a new project with the same project name.  Deciding it was pure coincidence I discovered this happened a few more times.  It was almost as if by putting the names into a search bar, or strongly considering them, another would take them.  This has since happened with art projects and images – i.e., this is not just titles – the coincidence is bound to ideas. 
So I read about Jung’s collective unconscious models or anima mundi (world soul) and considered Yeat’s concept of “Spiritus Mundi.”  There have been plenty of new age writing about shared links and perhaps a vast world pool of creative ideas that we are connected to.   It’s nice to think we are connected on some creative psychic level, that we share more than bandwidth or oxygen.  While I do not personally subscribe to such leaps, the frequency of these occurrences seem to transcend conventional coincidence and odds.  So this begs several questions. 
The first – are creative minds wired to perceive the same current and cultural themes and ideas propagated in media -which could ultimately lead to the coincidence of art ideas?  
The second – if there is some tapped pool of ideas which creative minds can access – what does this say about one’s personal creative growth and the idea of originality? 
Part of me thinks that if there is any plausibility to this that I will sleep better at night knowing that I’m not alone, that I’m mysteriously connected with like-minded creative spirits in some psychic coterie or colony.  Part of me remains highly skeptical as this all sounds a bit too new age-like for my own tastes.  Regardless, any artist could likely find themselves facing the same considerations when it happens to them.
By: Dave B.

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