Terminal 11

Terminal 11 (aka Michael Castaneda) is a renowned electronic music artist hailing from Tempe, Arizona who produces a frenetic and kinetic assault of splintered breakcore chaos with idm undertones. He has released music on Hymen, Cock Rock Disco, Schematic, Ad Noiseam, Phthalo Records – as well as numerous other indie electronic micro labels. I first […]

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Hailing from Rhode Island the ominous and atmospheric electronic duo (comprising of Rob and Elizabeth) known as Snowbeasts have been carefully building their sonic wall of dark and cinematic horror-type analog and ethereal sound with releases on Component Records and M-Tronic. Rob (aka Raab Codec) is the owner of Component Recordings and has been a […]

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Proem – An Interview

Over the 2017 holiday I reached out to Richard Bailey (aka Proem), probably the most important figure at the center of/origin of the American IDM (Intelligence Dance Music) movement. Spawned out of early releases on n5md and Merck Records in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Mr. Bailey has pushed electronic boundaries and inspired countless […]

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Cathode Ray Tube

Charles R. Terhune, aka Cathode Ray Tube – abbreviated as CRT – is an incredibly talented and dedicated artist from the Northeast United States, who has produced volumes of wonderful electronic material on a variety of labels. He also has a great sense of humor. Upon asking for a bio I got a rather silly […]

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Production Unit Xero

Ramon Mills aka Production Unit Xero (aka PUX) is an American electronic musician who has been cultivating high-quality IDM that stirs emotions and expands the mind since circa 2001.  His work which also heavily incorporates ambient and breakbeat constructions evokes the likes of Jega, early Mike Paradinas projects, and Proem.  While many like-minded artists who […]

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Ships in the Night

A few weeks ago I went to support some great friends, Technophobia – who I hope to interview soon – at a benefit in Washington DC.  While I was familiar with the other acts there was an opener I had not heard before.  Chatting by the soundboard with a few accomplished local DJs and electronic […]

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Keith “Keef” Baker

Keith Baker, aka the Artist Formerly Known As “Keef Baker,” now recording under a slew of new names from Nimon (Ant Zen), Slipdrive (Hymen) and Thing on a Spring (Component Recordings) hates bios.  My request for a bio resulted in a one word response  – “wanker.”  Keith never takes himself too seriously and this is […]

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