Ships in the Night

A few weeks ago I went to support some great friends, Technophobia – who I hope to interview soon – at a benefit in Washington DC.  While I was familiar with the other acts there was an opener I had not heard before.  Chatting by the soundboard with a few accomplished local DJs and electronic […]

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Keith “Keef” Baker

Keith Baker, aka the Artist Formerly Known As “Keef Baker,” now recording under a slew of new names from Nimon (Ant Zen), Slipdrive (Hymen) and Thing on a Spring (Component Recordings) hates bios.  My request for a bio resulted in a one word response  – “wanker.”  Keith never takes himself too seriously and this is […]

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I first discovered Pasha Alpturer’s work through Component Recordings (US) a few years ago (his release “Zero Point” was what convinced me to send demos to this long-standing independent label).  Alpturer’s carefully concocted soundscapes are built on patience and solid technique.  Digging into his catalog revealed a lot more projects than I had expected – […]

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Nathan Moody

Nathan Moody is a humble and powerful voice in modular synthesis, and he is a respected artist in many genres and circles. I knew of Nathan via social media, admired his penchant for analog circuit routing and outdoor adventure in the Bay Area (California), but it was his dedication to informative music tech blogging on […]

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Tools, Options, and Process Flow

There is a thought that too many tools = too many options = more process = less instinct = over complication = wasting time in creating art.  Like most artistic mediums, electronic music is a culture of gear heads, of seeking out impossible-to-find analog equipment, or perhaps a rare VST produced by a genius programming […]

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